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Welcome to our first update post!

Updated: Jun 27, 2022

We would like to take a moment to thank our organization’s supporters and those who have supported Ukraine in the past couple of months. Our organization has been able to fundraise a substantial amount of money in order to ship our first couple of shipments of essential aid to Ukraine, and we would not have been able to do it without your support!

We have decided to post a monthly update to our website that showcases some of the refugees we have helped and some of the shipments we were able to send. For this first update, we are showcasing the work that we have been able to achieve from the past two months.

Our main priority over the course of these several months was to ship physical donations that we had already collected from the Chicagoland community to Ukraine, where it is desperately needed. Thankfully, we were able to send essential supplies to two locations.

One location was a Ukrainian orphanage in Ternopil named “Future for Orphans” and our shipments included baby formula, diapers, clothing, school supplies, first aid, etc.

Our second location that we were able to donate to was to soldiers, and our shipments included first aid and protective gear, such as helmets, bullet proof vests, clothing, etc.

Our organization’s goal is not only to help ship humanitarian aid to Ukraine but to also support Ukrainian refugees. We were able to help a Ukrainian couple travel from Chicago to Sacramento, where some of their friends were staying and where there is already a large Ukrainian-American community. Many Ukrainian refugees that have arrived in the United States have had difficulties traveling through Mexico and getting to their destinations, so we were very happy to help this Ukrainian couple!

We would like to end our first update by acknowledging the essential work that must continue and that we still plan on raising funds to continue sending humanitarian aid and assisting any Ukrainian refugees who need it in the Chicagoland area. We also hope to help rebuild vital infrastructure in Ukraine once the war ends, but before then, we hope to continue sending aid and supporting refugees.

We want to thank you once again for your support for Ukraine and we hope to continue working hard to help in any way that we can. Thank you and Slava Ukraini!

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